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Taiwan Public Television Service Foundation (PTS Foundation) has over the years promoted media public access. It has taken an open-minded approach in encouraging the general public to understand and increase media access, and thus overcoming the divide in media access. With PTS Creative Commons (, PTS is using public licensing to encourage, with bona fide intentions, the flow of information, sharing of creative work, as well as innovation and creativity. This will enable local and foreign academic groups, non-profit organizations, and individuals to use the PTS Creative Commons platform to share, interact, and benefit from one another. This innovative approach is true manifestation of public media access, and it provides concrete assistance to organizations and individuals in need of video materials in their creative process. Users can thus have a platform where they can share video resources.


The PTS Creative Commons Project is part of the application services within the PTS Digital Database Project. After the PTS videos are converted into digital format, a database will be created to provide innovative application services. During the initial phase, a media asset management (MAM) system will be built to provide news content services through PTS Creative Commons. The contents can be shared, and the copyright information, reasonable scope of use, and category will be indicated for each content. In the second phase, a PTS MAM system will be implemented to include program planning, filming information, post-production information, channel packaging, and marketing and promotion. The copyright and scope of license will be indicated for each digital content, which will be made available on the PTS Creative Commons platform for use within reasonable scope. Our vision is to receive goodwill in exchange for goodwill. We hope that the platform will enable sharing and pave the way for more adaptation of existing creative work. This will help foster new perspectives and ideas to further creativity.


Due to delay in the PTS Digital Database Project, scope of service and bandwidth of PTS Creative Commons are slightly less compared to the initial project goals. The PTS Creative Commons Project will focus on news reports and special reports in its initial stage while expanding its video database. In the continuous pursuit of its set objectives to realize public media access, PTS will play an active role in promoting open and more convenient access to information, so as to minimize the digital divide.


Apart from the distribution and sharing of creative ideas, PTS is also promoting Creative Commons licensing, focusing on respecting and safeguarding intellectual property rights and use of contents within reasonable confines. PTS Creative Commons is dedicated to ensure that creative works are protected by copyright, and that users can use the Creative Commons Public License to download PTS films without worrying about copyright infringements. The Creative Commons license is a copyright license used worldwide. Through a common platform, it encourages both creativity and shared usage to promote free-flowing cultural exchanges and dialogs among authors. PTS invites all users to experience the benefits of Creative Commons licenses.


Public television belongs to the public. In the pursuit of public interest, PTS will make available its audio and video materials for sharing by the general public within the confines of reasonable use. It is hoped that the PTS Creative Commons Project will inspire more creative works in the filed of education and entertainment, and enable more users to understand the concept of Creative Commons licensing.