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1. What is Creative Commons?
Creative Commons (CC) is an international non-profit organization that uses a flexible licensing scheme to make it easier for people to share and build upon the work of others on the Internet. Its official website in Taiwan is Creative Commons Taiwan.

Using a flexible licensing scheme, the concept of sharing can be promoted over the Internet while at the same time safeguarding the rights of the original author and clearly defining the rights of users to distribute and use the material. Please refer to the Creative Commons website for more information.
2. What is PTS Creative Commons?
Because public television belongs to the public, the audio and video materials owned by PTS should also be shared by the public as long as it is within legal confines. Despite technical difficulties at the moment that need to be overcome, the development of digital technology can help overcome the inconveniences experienced by the public when trying to access these contents in the past.

For this reason, PTS is promoting the Creative Commons concept and is offering a digital platform for sharing resources to assist local non-profit organizations and individuals in their creative process. During the initial stage, any user can use the PTS Creative Commons platform to download PTS films free of charge, as long as the films are used for non-commercial purposes. The downloaded files can then be stored in a PC, altered, or shared. In the digital era, this is the most convenient way to access PTS audio and video materials.

PTS Creative Commons aims to provide reasonable protection for commercial interests and copyright, while at the same time create a pool of shared digital content resources. It is hoped that the platform not only educates and entertains, but also will inspire more creativity.
3. What rights does one have after downloading a film?
As long as the film is used for non-commercial purposes, the user can reproduce, distribute, exhibit, or publicly perform the contents downloaded from the website without alterations, provided that the user abide by the license conditions accompanying each work.

Regardless of your interests, preferences, and identity, as long as you are creative, willing to share your creative work, and willing to be bound by the Creative Commons Public License, PTS welcomes you to visit our site and download the contents that we offer for sharing.
4. What is the file format available for download at PTS Creative Commons?
The files are available for download in 512*384 WMV9 format, 500K(Audio+Video).
5. What is the approximate file size of each?
The size of the files will differ depending on the length of the video and its contents. One minute of video will take around 4MB, and each video is about one to three minutes long. An entire video file will be about 4MB to 12MB.
6. Do I need to install additional software to play the downloaded video?
To provide better playback quality and higher compatibility, the files at PTS Creative Commons are designed to be viewed using Microsoft Silverlight. The browser plug-in can be downloaded at: //
7. After I have downloaded the files, what software do I use for editing?
You can use any video editor that supports the WMV format, such as Windows Movie Maker.
8. Do I need to become a member to download video files?
No. The downloading services provided by PTS Creative Commons is available to every one. You only need to abide by the PTS Creative Commons license conditions, and within reasonable confines, you can download and use the contents provided by PTS Creative Commons.
9. Why can��t I find international news at PTS Creative Commons?
PTS belongs to the general public. In its pursuit of public interest, PTS will create works and materials for public access for use within reasonable confines.

PTS Creative Commons is dedicated to ensure that the works are protected by copyright, and that users can use the Creative Commons Public License to download PTS films without worrying about copyright infringements. In its agreements with international news agencies, PTS can only broadcast international news and current events, and does not have the right to reproduce footages. For this reason, PTS is unable to make international news available on PTS Creative Commons.
10. Only news reports within the last 90 days are available for download. Why?
To keep news reports current and updated, PTS Creative Commons offers on-line browsing and download of news items within the last 90 days. On the other hand, searches and off-line download are available for news older than 90 days. The purpose is to separate the older news and minimize download time. PTS Creative Commons will continue to select and update news reports to keep users abreast of the latest events.
11. Why do I need to fill up a questionnaire each time I download?
PTS Creative Commons allows users to download creative works for bona fide use. To ensure that the services provided by the platform closely coincides with users�� needs, feedbacks through the questionnaires will allow us to continue to review and assess our performance and the materials that we provide.
12. Why do I have to fill up two questionnaires when downloading video files, while at times I only to fill up one questionnaire       to download more than one file?
Your questionnaire feedback motivates us to continue to work hard. After you have filled up a questionnaire, you can download files within 20 minutes. This will save time during downloads. However, if there is no network activity within 20 minutes after you have filled up the questionnaire, you will be asked to fill up another questionnaire before downloading.
13. How do I search for the news item I want?
PTS Creative Commons offers full text search and search based on news categories. Searches are carried out on news headlines, video titles, and contents, and in conjunction with the video categories and license conditions. This provides a search with greater breadth and depth, which will result in higher recall rates and precision rates.
14. Can I distribute or sell the works from creative Commons?
PTS Creative Commons aims to make available to local and foreign academic groups, non-profit organizations, and individuals the resources on the PTS platform, so as to set in motion the cycle of sharing and pave the way for more adaptation of existing creative work. This will help foster new perspectives and ideas to further creativity.

The video database on the PTS platform is provided from educational, creative, and entertainment purposes. If the video includes a ��non-commercial�� license condition, the video cannot be used directly for commercial purposes.

For commercial use of the videos, please contact the Media Archives Section of the PTS New Media Department: (02)2630-1095, 2633-8198, for purchasing and licensing of the videos.