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PTS aims to become a television satiation that serves the interests of the general public.

Article 1 of the Public Television Act states: ��This Act is enacted to promote�K a public service mass media system, compensate for the inadequacy of commercial television, and safeguard the citizens' freedom of expression and right to know, raise cultural and educational standards, advance the development of democratic society, and enhance social well-being through diversified planning.�� The Acts clearly states that public television is a mass media system expected to serve the public interest. For this reason, PTS programs are also responsible for the development of a civil society. The programs differ from those on commercial television stations, which are profit-seeking and rely on advertisements and viewership for their revenue.

PTS is a content provider that encourages, with bona fide intentions, flow of information and sharing of creative work, as well as innovation and creativity. PTS hopes to use public licensing to enable users to access contents more easily, maximize the values of their contents, and pave the way for more adaptation of existing creative work. In July 2006, PTS started to build its video database at PTS Creative Commons for use by the general public. PeoPo, the on-line citizen journalism platform, was created in April 2007 to enable members of the general public to play the role of journalists in overseeing government operations. PeoPo provides a platform for citizen journalists to discuss in-depth relevant issues, thus enabling the media to become closer to the grassroots and be able to exert positive influences.

In April 2009, the PTS Creative Commons platform was created to maximize the benefits of public licensing and encourage the general public to increase media access to inspire more creativity. PTS Evening News was the first to become available on the platform, along with selected documentaries, such as one on coral spawning. Users can search, browse, and download PTS news reports, while off-line downloads are available for news older than 90 days. PTS Creative Commons will continue to select and update news reports to keep users abreast of the latest events. Specific licensing terms are indicated for each news report, where some of the copyright terms are shared with the users. You are welcome to leave your comments and suggestions, and let us work together in our continued pursuit of a civil society.

We provide the following services:
1. On-line browsing and download of PTS News and other updated information
2. On-line search and off-line download of news older than 90 days
3. Monthly special features to inspire more creativity ��in the commons,�� creative work, and creative thinking
4. Multiple search functions for searching of news items to increase accuracy
5. Platform for idea exchange to foster interaction and discussion among users of PTS Creative Commons
6. News videos contain embedded instructions to make it easier for users to copy or paste directly to their blogs.